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As anyone who has spent any time in Victoria, BC can tell you, the city is gorgeous, the people are friendly, and there's no better place to be in this world most days. Victoria has a wide variety of food, shopping, and other recreational venues. You can be in the downtown area and be in the middle of nature, hiking on a trail, just 15-20 minutes later. Unlike some other Canadian cities (like Vancouver or Toronto), Victoria also has very little traffic, meaning you won't spend your life agonizing over a commute! As a real estate agent in Victoria, BC, it's easy to recommend this city to anyone who wants to move here!

If the thought of island living has ever intrigued you, here's what you need to know about Victoria!

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What Is This City Like from a Real Estate Agent in Victoria, BC?

A real estate agent in Victoria, BC, has the unique opportunity to see the city through a different lens than most people who live here. We get to experience the city through the eyes of our buyers and sellers who choose Victoria for a variety of reasons. There are three facts about Victoria that you need to know before you move here.

First, Victoria can mean one of three different things. It can mean the greater Victoria area (as in someone says they're going to Victoria when they'll stay in Colwood). Even Victoria International Airport is not in Victoria, BC, but rather North Saanich! Victoria can also refer to the city of Victoria. Finally, Victoria can also refer to the area of Victoria proper and including the Oak Bay municipality, where all residents get a Victoria, BC address even though it's a different municipality altogether. The University of Victoria, for example, is technically in Oak Bay and North Saanich, but it lists a Victoria, BC address.

Therefore, if you're thinking of moving to Victoria, make sure you know whether you're looking at a neighbourhood in the city proper or you want to move to the greater Victoria area!

Also, Victoria has a more relaxed pace of life than in many other cities. People here tend to be friendly, and the neighbourhoods tend to be more residential. Yes, there's quite a bit of fun and entertainment in downtown Victoria, but once you get out into the suburbs, you can expect a much calmer lifestyle!

Finally, if you love nature and the water, Victoria will feel like heaven to you! Nowhere else has the breathtaking views that Victoria does. Whether you're catching the sunrise in Cadboro Bay or gazing at the sunset in Gonzales Bay, the nature and scenery are always dazzling!

What Is the Real Estate Like in Victoria?

Real estate in the city of Victoria is quite variable. It depends on where you're looking to buy.

If you want something downtown, you'll be looking at condos mostly. These units can be pricey, but more often than not, they're remarkably affordable - for the area, that is. If you get a condo on Government St. or View St., you could easily be looking at a unit that costs less than $500k.

Even though the condos tend to be a little more affordable, that doesn't mean they're of poor quality. Far from it! You can easily find the condo unit that suits your lifestyle. There are luxury condos and more basic ones. When looking at condos, please keep in mind the maintenance fees. It's not uncommon to have higher maintenance fees in many of these condos, with all the amenities they provide!

However, if you want a home within the city's boundaries (that is, not Oak Bay or Saanich), you will likely be looking at double what you would pay for a condo. Although, it can be possible to find some good deals. Expect to pay more than what you would for a home in other parts of the country, but nowhere close to what you would pay for a similar property in Vancouver or Toronto!

Like the condos, you'll find homes here that will suit your lifestyle, no matter what that might be. There are luxury homes for sale in Victoria, BC, and more "ordinary" ones. With that said, if you want luxury homes, it might be better to consider a place in Oak Bay rather than in Victoria. Oak Bay is well-known for its more upscale real estate!

As a Real Estate Agent in Victoria, BC Here's What Life Is Like in This Town

If you're interested in living in Victoria, you should know that you can do almost anything in this city! From shopping and dining to recreation, there's plenty of activities that will keep you excited, energized, and invigorated every single day!

Parks and Recreation

Living in Victoria has many perks. One of those perks is the ability to enjoy some of the nation's best parks and recreation spots. Here are three that you need to see!

Beacon Hill Park - Beacon Hill is one of the larger parks in the city of Victoria. It spans an impressive 200 acres and also goes along the water. There are landscaped gardens, ponds, and so much more. This park is a fantastic place to walk, relax, and unwind!

Holland Point Park - There's no place like Holland Point for a spectacular view of the Olympics. This park features a paved walkway that's easy to walk, bike, or ride (or use a wheelchair, if anyone in your family requires one). In addition to seeing the Olympics, you'll also have some breathtaking views of the water!

James Bay Toddler Park (and MacDonald Park) - There are two parks side-by-side, MacDonald Park and the James Bay Toddler Park. If you have kids, both can be perfect, depending on their ages. MacDonald Park is a beautiful green space, and James Bay Toddler Park has many toys and other things to keep the little ones amused. If you're looking for a fun family outing, both of these parks are perfect choices.

Shopping and Dining

Victoria is home to some of the best shopping and dining experiences in the country. Many of those experiences are downtown. Here are the top five that you'll need to check out if you move here!

Part and Parcel - With locally sourced ingredients, these dining experts serve up unique salads, sandwiches, and main dishes. Many people recommend the fried chicken sandwich here, so if you're ever in the mood for chicken, head to Part and Parcel!

Brasserie L'Ecole - If you love French food, this restaurant is for you. It has all the French food you love, but it doesn't have the stuffy atmosphere that some similar restaurants have. That makes it a favourite among locals (especially those that work in the downtown area).

Blue Fox Cafe - This cafe offers imaginative takes on Canadian comfort food. This restaurant is a place where you can come and enjoy a fun atmosphere and some delicious food (including some of the best eggs benedict around!).

The Courtney Room - For those who want a juicy steak, look no further than The Courtney Room. This restaurant serves dry-aged steak and seafood. You can also get some of the best cocktails and wine in this establishment!

The Bay Centre - If you're looking to shop until you drop, the Bay Centre has you covered. This mall is historic, having opened over 30 years ago in 1989. You'll find most any retailer here, and it also has a pretty decent food court! If you want to buy fashion, electronics, or practically anything else, you'll be able to do so at the Bay Centre!


There are multiple schools in the city of Victoria. All of them have a reputation for being relatively good educational facilities.

There's Sir James Douglas Elementary, James Bay Community School, Victoria School for Ideal Education, and the South Park Family School for elementary schools.

For middle school, there's Ecole Intermediaire Central Middle School for French Immersion.

Finally, for high school, there's the aptly named Victoria High School!

These schools are excellent places to send your children. Additionally, many of the elementary schools are not K-5, but rather K-8, meaning that it will be one less transition that your children will have to make!

If Living in Victoria Sounds Intriguing, Talk with a Real Estate Agent in Victoria, BC!

Victoria, BC, is truly one of the best places to live in all of Canada. There's much to love about this city, from its breathtaking water views to its diverse cuisine and culture. The fact that you can be in downtown Victoria living it up in a bar and out in the middle of nature 20 minutes later is a true testament to the diversity of lifestyles that are possible in our province's capital!

If you're interested in the luxury homes for sale in Victoria, BC, or any other Victoria MLS® listings, please contact us! We would love to learn more about you and see if we can find you the perfect Victoria property!