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Search the newest Sidney, BC Condos for sale. Situated to the east of Victoria International Airport sits one of the most idyllic, beautiful places in the greater Victoria area. Sidney, BC, is where you can relax, unwind, and have a beautiful condo at a more affordable price than Victoria proper. It's also close to the Swartz Bay ferry, which can save you time if you frequently travel to the mainland! There's a reason why the Sidney, BC condos for sale are often in such high demand!

If one of these condos appeals to you (the waterfront ones are incredibly gorgeous), read on to learn more about this exciting area!

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Sidney, BC Condos for Sale - An Overview

When looking at condos in beautiful Sidney, BC, you should first understand the area that Sidney encompasses. The city borders Victoria International Airport on the left, the Haro Strait on the right, Bazan Bay/North Saanich on the bottom, and Swartz Bay on top. It's the first significant town that people encounter driving off the ferry. If you run or work in a service-based business like a restaurant, sometimes that can be helpful (people looking to eat or get gas before or after the ferry).

Condo prices vary dramatically in this little town. Some can go for a million because of how gorgeous and spacious they are (or what views they offer). Others will go for $300,000 or even less, depending on how small they are. One thing that is always constant, though, is the demand. Sidney is an area that frequently has a lot of interest, thanks to its proximity to Victoria.

Indeed, when looking at condos for sale in Sidney, BC please keep the following in mind:

Waterfront Views: There will be a premium for waterfront views or access, so you should probably decide if you want that or not. If you don't, consider condos on the west side of town to save some money.

Association Fees Vary Quite a Bit: Pay close attention to association fees. If you recall, condos can range from $300k to $1 million (and sometimes even higher). While association fees tend to track property prices, that's not always the case. The $300k condo might have numerous amenities or a special assessment that might make it more expensive than the higher-priced ones.

Close Access To Numerous Fun Activities: Living in Sidney means you can access some of the best trails, hikes, and beaches. You're also close to The Butchart Gardens. Therefore, when considering your condo, you might want to ensure that it's close to what you expect to be doing the most.

The Neighbourhoods of Sidney, BC

There are four primary neighbourhoods within Sidney, BC. The town is relatively small, having only approximately 12,000 people in it. Therefore, there aren't too many neighbourhoods, and there isn't too much to differentiate each area. Most of them look and feel the same, but some subtle differences could impact where you buy one of the Sidney, BC condos for sale.

Sidney North-West: Our first neighbourhood is north of Beacon Ave. and west of Patricia Bay Highway. This area is Sidney's smallest neighbourhood. Most of this area is industrial as it is close to the airport. Despite this, some good eats are in the North-West part of town (Melinda's Biscotti and Coffee House, for example). You won't find many condos in this part simply because all the construction is more "rural" and thus contains primarily single-family residences.

Sidney North-East: The second neighbourhood is still north of Beacon Ave., but this time, it's east of Patricia Bay Highway. This part of town is one of the more desirable parts to live in for condo owners, thanks to its proximity to the coast. You'll be able to step out of your condo and get to the water very quickly. If you love being by the water, consider being in the northeast part of town!

Sidney South-West: Below Beacon and to the left of Patricia Bay sits the southwest part of town. This community has windy roads and a lot of gorgeous scenery. If you're a fan of going to the park, this place is it as there's Reay Creek, Peter Grant, and Rotary all in the same area! Afterwards, you can grab a bite to eat at one of the many excellent local restaurants, including Mary's Bleue Moon Cafe. Unfortunately, like the North-West part of town, the southwest also doesn't have many condos yet!

Sidney South-East: Finally, to Patricia Bay Highway's right and below Beacon sits the most condo-rich area of Sidney. If you're going to get a condo in this town, you're most likely to find one in the southeast. It's also the most "amenity-rich" area, offering shopping, access to the beaches, waterfront walkways, and numerous trails and bike paths. Indeed, this part of town has a host of excellent amenities!

Condos for Sale in Sidney, BC: What Amenities Can Residents Find in the Area?

While Sidney might be a small community of just 12,000 people, it has a surprisingly large number of amenities. There's almost always something fun and enjoyable to do in beautiful Sidney, BC!

Parks and Recreation

Sidney boasts quite a few parks and green spaces where people can enjoy the outdoors (and, with the rain shadow, Sidney offers more sunny days to enjoy those outdoor areas!). There's Peter Grant Park, Reay Creek Park, Rotary Park, Frost Avenue Park, Tulista Park, Iroquois Park, Eastview Park, and more!

In terms of the beach, Sidney has you covered! Enjoy a beautiful stroll on Glass Beach, where you can see a near-perfect sunrise every morning. And, if the season's right, you can see some gorgeous cherry blossoms on the trees! It's the perfect place to go during the day when you want to leave stress behind and dip your toes in the cool water!

Indeed, if you want to enjoy life outdoors, Sidney, BC, is one of the best places in the entire province to do that!

Shopping, Dining and Entertainment

Even though Sidney, BC, might be very compact, there's still plenty of shopping, dining and entertainment to be found. Here are the top five destinations within the city:

Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea: Great aquarium right by the water with various marine life, jellyfish and touch pools. 

Sidney Whale Watching:  Take a boat out to see and get to see Orca whales up close!

The Surly Mermaid: Gastro-pub on the water. Great patio to sit and have a bite to eat while looking at the ocean. 

Beacon Plaza: If you're looking for a place to grab some groceries, hit up a Shoppers Drug Mart, grab some Timmy's, or anything of these other everyday activities, Beacon Plaza is a place you can go. Despite its name, it's not on Beacon Ave. It's on Bevan!


Despite being a city, Sidney does not have a school district. All the public schools that are in Sidney are part of the Saanich School District. There are private schools available, as well, for parents that would prefer a more customized education.

As for schools, there's Sidney Elementary School, which offers instruction for younger children. There's also North Saanich Middle School and Parkland Secondary School. Of course, the University of Victoria isn't too far away, so even once your kids get to be that age, you can send them to a fantastic university that's close!

You'll Love Buying One of the Sidney, BC Condos for Sale

There's a lot to love about Sidney, BC - especially one of the Sidney, BC condos for sale! Living in a condo makes sense in this small region below Swartz Bay and above Victoria. You can live in the heart of Sidney - potentially walking distance to the beach and to all the local shops and restaurants that are so enjoyable. Furthermore, you'll be able to live this dream life for significantly less than you would if you bought a single-family residence.

Whether you are single, a married couple, or retirees looking to find a place where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ocean breezes, there's something for everyone in Sidney! Consider checking out one of the condos today!


If living close to the water sounds appealing to you, Sidney, BC, might be the perfect place to live. Please contact one of our real estate agents! We would love to hear from you and see if we could find the ideal condo for your Sidney life.

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