Victoria Real Estate Update - February Edition 2024

A Glimpse of Balance in Victoria’s Real Estate Market

As we usher in the early days of 2024, the real estate market in Victoria is showing promising signs of equilibrium. This January, the market witnessed a significant increase in property transactions, with 341 properties changing hands. This marks a 22.7% increase from January 2023 and a slight 3.6% rise from the previous month, December 2023. Notably, the condominium and single-family home segments have demonstrated considerable growth, with sales up by 10.9% and 35%, respectively.

The market is gradually steadying, reflecting a shift from the high-pressure conditions of recent years to a more balanced scenario. This shift is supported by stable mortgage rates and a gradual increase in inventory, allowing for a more relaxed environment for buyers and sellers alike.

Inventory's Slow Dance

January concluded with 2,140 active listings, presenting a slight increase from December and a significant 23.1% rise from January 2023. This increase in listings suggests a market that is becoming more accommodating, offering more choices to potential buyers without overwhelming supply.

The Price Saga Continues

On the pricing front, the landscape remains mixed. The benchmark value for single-family homes in the Victoria Core has seen a year-over-year increase of 1.6% to $1,244,000, albeit with a slight decrease from December's figures. Conversely, condominium values have experienced a minor adjustment, underscoring the market's dynamic nature.

Looking Ahead with Cautious Optimism

As we look towards the upcoming months, the market's current stability fosters a sense of optimistic anticipation. The balanced conditions might herald a year where market participants can make decisions at a more measured pace, away from the pressures seen in previous periods. Nonetheless, given the ever-changing dynamics of Victoria's real estate market, staying informed and engaged with a trusted Realtor remains crucial.

Your Real Estate Compass

In this changing market landscape, remember that our team is here to provide guidance and support. Whether you're navigating market trends, considering buying or selling, or seeking insights into the real estate journey, we're ready to offer our expertise.

Let's approach the unfolding year with an open mind and readiness, leveraging the current balance to our advantage and preparing for future opportunities.

Until next time,

Vincent, Jocelyn, and Adrian.

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