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Insurance Companies:

Recommended Insurance Providers:

Nuera Insurance - 1-866-683-6444

Online Provider - This company usually gives the best rate!

If you want someone local:

The Co-Operators -- (250) 388-5014

Downtown, Langford

Westland Insurance -- (250) 405-5040

Locations: Uptown Mall / Saanich and Langford

[email protected]

Thunderbird Insurance -- (250) 385-9795

[email protected]

Downtown at 1032 Yates St.  

Harbord Insurance -- (250) 388-5533

Victoria, Sidney, Fairfield

Mortgage Brokers:

Building Inspectors:

Condos - (These inspectors will help you analyze the depreciation report for a strata if you want them to) Home Check -- (778) 351-1928

Single Family Homes: 

Shoreline Home Inspections -- (250) 508-4555

Bloodhound Home Inspectors -- (250) 893-2070

 Pillar to Post -- (250) 385-4000

For single family homes, it is smart to get the perimeter drains inspected to make sure that everything is functioning as it should, as we live in such a rainy climate. ($190-$250)

Raintek - 250-896-3478

Drainscope - 250-590-1535

Also if the home is built for 1960 we will want to get an oil tank scan to make sure there is not an underground oil tank ($300-$500)

Scanplus - 1-844-480-7226 

Geoscan - 250-891-9364   

 A home inspection typically costs between $325-$600. After the home inspection within 24-48 hours a report will be sent to both you and our team for review.

Someone from our team will also be attending the inspection, so once you have it scheduled, please alert our team immediately! Then we may mark our calendars and make sure we are there to represent you. We also ask that you tell the home inspector to send a report to our team so that we have a copy. 

Inspections typically run 2-4 hours You are more than welcome to attend the inspection and learn more about your future home!

Building Inspectors for Strata Properties:

Moving & Storage:

Junk Removal:




Flooring & Tile:





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